X-Band System is Operational

After a few months of pulling together some key surplus X-Band equipment, USA-Satcom is happy to report successful first signals from both WGS-1 and DSCS-3 satellites.

Here are a couple of screenshots of X-Band waveforms from WGS-1 and DSCS-3.

WGS-1 (175E) Several wide-band signals shown. Some with visible periodic synchronization.

DSCS-3 (135W) Wide-band Signal.

Additional X-Band waveforms can be viewed here.

Here is the newly added Vertex RSI X-Band LNA and the very cool rectangular to circular waveguide transition with squeeze tube de-polarization provided by UHF-Satcom.com

Vertex RSI X-Band LNA. 50 dB of gain! 500 MHz of bandwidth centered at 7500 MHz. NF of 0.7 dB. Rectangular to circular waveguide with squeeze tube de-polarization is complements of UHF-Satcom.com.

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