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Inmarsat FAX

Inmarsat STD-B service is still active, even after all these years. On STD-B you will find voice, data and fax services Here are a couple of examples of recently received faxes via Inmarsat 3F3 Pacific Ocean Region (POR) at 178°. … Continue reading

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Operation Deep Freeze Medivac

Operation Deep Freeze coordinating a Medivac with ICE 38. POR 263.6250 on 02-16-13: POR 263.6250 on 02-17-13:

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Operation Deep Freeze Activity Ramps Up

Operation Deep Freeze became really active as of today (10.13.12). In the recording below you can hear ICE 10, ICE 11, Deep Freeze Ops, Mac Center and Charleston Roth. Discussion of various weather situations, Iridium texts, Microwave Landing System (MLS) … Continue reading

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L-Band Downconverter for Inmarsat Operation

USA-Satcom has a shortage of communication receivers due to all the interesting things to monitor. In an effort to free up one of the communication receivers used for Inmarsat monitoring, a new L-Band downconverter has been designed and installed. Click … Continue reading

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L-Band Feed Optimization and Weatherproofing

The ground mounted 1.2m dish is currently dedicated to Inmarsat 3F3 POR at 178E. Winter is coming and so it was time to weatherproof and paint the 5-turn helical feed. The feed was also phase center optimized during dish calibration. … Continue reading

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Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze seems to be active again. These recordings are from end of August but I am just getting around to posting them. From the recordings it sounds like they are just getting Satcom setup and are doing some … Continue reading

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