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LRO on S-Band

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a nice S-Band (2271 MHz) signal coming from the moon to calibrate your dish. This is especially helpful if you need the accuracy for even higher frequencies where the beam-width is narrower. Below is … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse 2014

Persistence and coffee helped to produce the two images below of the Lunar Eclipse last night. I was fighting high wispy clouds all night. The 1st magnitude star Spica was conveniently parked next to the moon and made for a … Continue reading

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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Here is a quick look at the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) signal. Even though NASA is shutdown as part the US government shutdown, there is still a good signal coming from the LRO. I was doing a quick 1.2m dish … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon 2013

It’s time for Summer to end and Fall to begin. Around this time each year is the very bright Harvest Moon. This is a HDR captured image using a DSLR attached to 130mm APO with tracking capability.

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Annular Supermoon

Once a year we are treated to a moon that appears much larger than normal (especially at the horizon). This occurs when the moon is at perigee and is full. June 23, 2013 is this year’s event. Click on the … Continue reading

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