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US NAVY E-6B Mercury TACAMO Intercept

The Boeing E-6 mercury is an airborne command post and communications relay platform. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. The E-6B missions often involve flying into Travis AFB, here in California. Occasionally the E-6B will be active somewhere … Continue reading

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X-Band System is Operational

After a few months of pulling together some key surplus X-Band equipment, USA-Satcom is happy to report successful first signals from both WGS-1 and DSCS-3 satellites. Here are a couple of screenshots of X-Band waveforms from WGS-1 and DSCS-3. Additional … Continue reading

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AT-197A/GR Military Air Discone

Installed this nice RAMI AT-197A/GR Military Discone today. It’s a great broad band omni-directional antenna optimized for 225-400 MHz. Along with the antenna I am using a custom Angle Linear LNA with a NF of 0.7 and a gain of … Continue reading

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SATCOM Logs 14-July-2012

CONUS 261.575: Jolly 91 Flight calling Holly Ops. [audio:https://usa-satcom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/conus_07-14-12_261.57501.mp3]

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SATCOM Logs 8-July-2012

CONUS 258.650: Trojan 16 calling Trojan 30 for radio check.

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RSI Vertex X-Band Downconverter

This is an X-Band Downconverter project using some surplus RSI Vertex equipment currently on the used market. The downconverter will be used to receive signals from 7250-7750 MHz and down convert them to L-Band 950-1450 MHz. More information is available here.

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SATCOM Logs 29-June-2012

CONUS 258.650: 92 calling for radio check.

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SATCOM Logs 28-June-2012

CONUS 266.750: Romeo Sierra requesting Cheeksaw.

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SATCOM Logs 20-June-2012

CONUS 260.475: Fortress calling for radio check on CONR 1 with additional information “Adviso 01”. CONUS 260.475: Panther calling any station for radio check on CONR 1.

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11175 Bad Transmitter

An example of a broken transmitter used by the Military for EAM (Emergency Action Messages). You can see the replicated USB signal that should be occupying roughly 3.4KHz of bandwidth.

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