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Heat sink and shielding for HackRF One

The HackRF one PCB is manufactured with an option for a shield. This shield is available from NooElec. It’s a simple and quick addition, just some easy soldering. The hardest part is just removing the HackRF one from it’s plastic … Continue reading

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HackRF One and Decoders

I’m always looking for opportunities to reduce the costs associated with high quality decoding tasks. The HackRF One is intriguing because it’s not very expensive, has a wide band receiver (10MHz – 6GHz) and an SDR that is capable of … Continue reading

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Control Software for AOR AR2300

The AOR AR2300 is a PC Controlled All-Mode Communications Receiver that spans 40kHz to 3.15GHz. Since the radio is simply a black box with no front panel one must either use the software that comes with it or roll your … Continue reading

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SP5T Microwave Switch

Too many signals on different bands and tired of manually changing feed lines? Mini-circuits has a nice line of RF Matrix Switches that are USB controlled. I recently acquired a USB-4SPDR-A18 and have now finally gotten around to mounting and … Continue reading

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New Hardware for some new Software

I have been working on some new decoding software that directly interfaces to RF Space SDR-IP or NetSDR. These SDR’s provide wide-band IQ data over Ethernet and are ideal for plug and play operation. All the new decoders are multi-channel … Continue reading

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Energy Monitoring

Each month i’m amazed at the total energy spend, so I think it might make sense to start monitoring things to understand where all the power is going. I settled on a Brultech ECM-1240 system. The system is made up … Continue reading

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Updated Scanner Hardware Layout

All scanners are under software control and there is no need to see them so I have relocated them to a rack in the server room. Also relocated is the associated audio processing equipment: line level amplifier, compressor and USB … Continue reading

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Kokee AFS Air National Guard Radar Site

Visiting the island of Kauai and ran across this beauty. This is the 150th Aircraft Control and Warning Flight (aka GSU at Kokee Air Force Station, Kauai).

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Earth Scope Sensor at Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park

Ran across something called “Earth Scope” on a recent visit to the Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. Some quick googling yielded: GPS geodesy provide complementary measurement systems for resolving strain-rate over the time period proposed for the Plate Boundary Observatory. … Continue reading

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Mobile Sonde Receiver & SDR

Another winter project! Mobile Sonde hunting is difficult enough without having to worry about the radio moving around in the back seat as one drives. In the past, my R8500’s power or IF would disconnect depending on how fast a … Continue reading

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