The audio below is as received by USA-Satcom via S-Band on either 2287.5 or 2217.5 MHz. The modulation was mostly BPSK @ 1.152Mbps and sometimes a half-rate mode. All demodulation, decoding and audio processing was done by r00t. A 1.2m offset dish with precision tracking was used to received the signals. Additional Shuttle audio is available from other monitoring stations around the world are available at

STS-135 Mission Patch

STS-135 Mission Patch

20110708 2134z AG1:

20110709 2135z AG1:

20110710 1837z AG1:

20110710 2015z SG1:

20110712 1643z SG1:

20110712 @1819z SG1:

20110712 @1956z SG2:

20110713 @1546z SG1:

20110713 @1858z SG1:

20110714 @1623z SG1:

20110714 @1800z SG2:

20110715 @1702z SG1:

20110715 @1840z SG2:

20110716 @1604z SG2:

20110718 @1545z SG1:

20110718 @1723z SG2:

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