SSB Pre-amp Controllers

This is just another racking project (JARP). I have these little pre-amps controller boxes that when attached to appropriate coax are sort like a “tail wagging the dog” if you know what i mean. So, the idea is to solidly mount them in an aluminum rack panel.

The first step is figure out how to run this CNC! It is far more capable than I, and in the proper hands of a professional can create almost anything you can imagine. But since it is in my hands we will work on just simple rectangles for now.

The CNC – made in the USA.

With some guidance from Paul Marsh over at I was able to make appropriately sized cut outs. Nowhere near professional quality but close enough for my needs.

Some simple cut outs for preamp controllers.

Add a bit of semi-gloss powder coating and the mounted controller is looking pretty good.

Painted panel and mounted preamp controller.

Here are a couple of shots of the completed assembly, ready for mounting in main console.

Final assembly with 3 SSB preamp Controllers.

Rear view of preamp Controller Assembly.

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