Rack-mount IC-9100

I picked up an ICOM IC-9100 a couple years ago at Dayton. I am now finally able to install it into the new station console using one of Novexcomm’s rack mount kits.

The rack mount kit comes from Novexcomm as you see below, along with a small bags of mounting screws. My use of this tray is at an angle and therefore it needs to be fastened to the tray.

Novexcomm rack tray for IC-9100.

I choose to make some clamps from some spare parts I had around the shop.

Custom clamps.

The IC-9100 is nice and snug after tightening things down.

IC-9100 clamped to rack tray.

The IC-9100 is now fully racked and ready for placement.

IC-9100 racked and ready to go.

Here is the final location in the newly updated station console.

IC-9100 installed into operating console.

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