Operation Deep Freeze 2014

It’s that time of year again! Regular science crew transportation missions to and from Antarctica using US Air Force aircraft. Communications occur via Military Satcom in the Pacific Ocean Region. Below are a few recent satcom intercepts as well as ACARS from AERO-I via Inmarsat. I will post more intercepts to this thread as they occur.

Photo by afrc.af.mil. C-17 offloading in Antarctica.

Photo by afrc.af.mil. C-17 offloading in Antarctica.

2014-15 field season in Antarctica starts with pair of flights on Sept. 30

Reach 5 Echo 2 doing radio check.
POR 257.05 MHz 09-25-2014:

Radio Maintenance, Deep Freeze Ops. Mac Center. C17 doing radio checks for the season.

POR 257.05 MHz 09-26-2014:

Additional radio checks. Base Ops, Charleston Roth, ICE 04. ICE 04 position report and weather. Quite a bit of good quality traffic.

POR 257.05 MHz 09-29-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-01-2014:

Mac Center, ICE 05, Charleston Roth, having issues texts weather via iridium and ACARS. But I can see the ACARS messages no problem Smilie: :)

POR 257.05 MHz 10-06-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-07-2014:

Deep Freeze Ops, ICE 06 with some problem with engine #4, iridium issues, Charleston Roth.

POR 257.05 MHz 10-08-2014:

I think they test satcom with radio check too many times! Reach 5E3 and ICE07.
POR 257.05 MHz 10-10-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-11-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-12-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-14-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-18-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-27-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 10-31-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 11-01-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 11-02-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 11-03-2014:

POR 257.05 MHz 11-04-2014:

Here are two ACARS messages to ICE04 and ICE05 (same aircraft on two different days known as ICAO AE49C5). Via AERO-I POR Satellite:

ICE04 known as AE49C5.

ICE04 known as AE49C5.

ICE05 associated with AE49C5.

ICE05 associated with AE49C5.

NZPG is the ICAO code for Pegasus field at McMurdo station in Antarctica.

Here is nice shot by Patrick Weis of the cockpit of the actual C17 called ICE04/05 in the audio intercepts.

ICE04 C17 Cockpit. Photo by Patrick Weis.

ICE04/05 C17 Cockpit. Photo by Patrick Weis.

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