L-Band Feed Optimization and Weatherproofing

The ground mounted 1.2m dish is currently dedicated to Inmarsat 3F3 POR at 178E. Winter is coming and so it was time to weatherproof and paint the 5-turn helical feed. The feed was also phase center optimized during dish calibration. The LNA is a Kuhne Electronic KU LNA 152 (but with a custom weatherproof milled case, with bias-T) and has a NF of 0.4 dB and 33dB gain.

Freshly waterproofed 5-turn Helical feed.

The LNA is weatherproof by design but it never hurts to have a little extra protection. Here we have a nice half-pipe cover to keep water from hitting the LNA directly. The design was suggested by UHF-Satcom.

Integrated half-pipe LNA cover.

Side view showing LNA stand-offs holding half-pipe cover.

And here is an updated profile of the the ground mounted 1.2m dish.

1.2m “Inmarsat” dish with new 5-turn L-Band feed.

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