ISEE-3 (ICE) Spacecraft Detected

ISEE-3 (ICE) Spacecraft was detected today using a 1.2m dish at 2270.390831 MHz. The signal at this frequency was also simultaneously detected and confirmed by Paul over at UHF-Satcom. The detection was accomplished by integrating multiple FFTs with the spacecraft TX frequency corrected for Doppler. Without precise Doppler correction the signal would not be detectable – I confirmed by turning integration off. I also confirm target by off-pointing the dish confirming loss of signal in multiple directions. The Doppler correction is accomplished with an application that takes NASA Horizon data and calculates a real time adjustment to the TX frequency of the spacecraft. This adjusted “offset” is then used to update the SDR IF frequency. The software that makes this possible was written by r00t in .cz.

Below is a screenshot that pretty much sums things up.

Doppler correct ICE signal.

Doppler correct ICE signal.

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