Improved LNA for Sonde Tracking

I have been using a non-optimal high noise figure wide band LNA for last few months for sonde tracking. I have now replaced it with a more optimal DEMI LNA with a noise figure < 0.7 dB, 25 dB gain centered at 1691 MHz but approximately 30 MHz wide, covering the 1676-1682 sonde channels nicely. Also, it's made in the USA! [caption id="attachment_1311" align="aligncenter" width="300"] DEMI 1691 MHz LNA[/caption]

DEMI 1691 MHz LNA in Enclosure.

As you can see from the image above, power is supplied via the coax using a bias-T to inject 12V from power source inside. No extra wires to deal with for power distribution. This enclosure is weather proof and sits just below the 1.2m dish used for S-Band, L-Band and soon X-Band.

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