HF Logs 13-June-2012

7527 USB: USCG 1714 giving update to CAMSPAC on some vessel taking on water, also flight ops and position.

7527 USB: CAMSPAC advises USCG 1714 of a quote from Jack Lemon to pass onto to the man on the vessel.

7527 USB: CAMSPAC calling USCG 1714 to inquire about status of vessel distress beacon, if any survival equipment was dropped, ETA of some other vessel en route and finally the available remaining time on scene.

10242 USB:1708 calling CAMSPAC requesting radio guard, leaving Sacramento (home plate) for San Francisco.

15867 USB: Juliet 07 (J07 – HH-60J) requesting CAMSLANT (LNT) to secure guard as they are on final approach to Mobile, AL home plate.

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