HF Logs 10-June-2012

CBP Hammer (ALE call WST) and Omaha 42 (ALE call D42) on COTHEN ALE working Drug Enforcement off Pacific Coast.

10242 USB: Hammer talking to Omaha 42 about potential radar contact.

7527 USB: Omaha 42 looking for Ping Pong. Hammer advises Ping Pong is closed.

10242 USB: Hammer advises Charlie Sierra (Omaha 42) possible lights out target and gives location.

5732 USB: Parkhill encryption with Omaha 42 Charlie Sierra. Unknown advises Omaha 42 of their location via radar (that part was in the clear).

10242 USB: Hammer asking Omaha 42 about any contacts. Omaha 42 responds with no joy.

5732 USB: Omaha 42 contacts Hammer, decides to return to patrol.

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