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XRIT Ecosytem and Primer

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Comet Neowise (C/2020 F3)

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XHRPT Ecosystem

There are many parts of operating a successful XHRPT station. In the diagram below you can see various radio options, demodulators, decoders, trackers and image processing options. Yes, there is some complexity, but that is part of the interest. If … Continue reading

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Mercury Transit of 2019

Got up way too early to capture this rare Mercury Transit. Mercury is small, about 1/3 the size of the Earth. Good thing there was no sunspots or Mercury would have been difficult to locate.

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GOES-16 / 17 Setup Guide

Here is a great write up by Rodney AAA6RD, Region 6 Director for US Army MARS on his GOES-16/17 setup. The write-up includes what’s required, the setup details and the results. GEOS-16_Receiver_Project-12022018

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XHRPT Update

Getting close to releasing XHRPT decoder. Upgraded to now decode MetOp-A/B, FengYun-3A/B/C in addition to the previously supported NOAA-18/19/15 and Meteor-MN2. Here is a short video of a typical pass of MetOp-B AHRPT. The video has been speed up, so … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse 2017

I have posted a few images here.  

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Cyberspectrum #20 (WX Satellites) Slides

Yep, better late than never… Here are the slides from my WX Satellite presentation at Cyberspectrum #20 in the Fall of 2016. cyberspectrum_wx_sats_r4 Warning, it’s a big (45MB) PDF file because it includes quite a few images. Good Luck!  

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XRIT Decoder for GOES Satellite

NOAA’s GOES-13 (East), GOES-15 (West) and now GOES-16 produce some amazing images. Both GOES-13 and GOES-15 broadcast weather images to users with suitable ground stations using a protocol called LRIT (Low Rate Information Transmission). GOES-16, a more advanced satellite does … Continue reading

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Heat sink and shielding for HackRF One

The HackRF one PCB is manufactured with an option for a shield. This shield is available from NooElec. It’s a simple and quick addition, just some easy soldering. The hardest part is just removing the HackRF one from it’s plastic … Continue reading

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