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Mercury Transit of 2019

Got up way too early to capture this rare Mercury Transit. Mercury is small, about 1/3 the size of the Earth. Good thing there was no sunspots or Mercury would have been difficult to locate.

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GOES-16 / 17 Setup Guide

Here is a great write up by Rodney AAA6RD, Region 6 Director for US Army MARS on his GOES-16/17 setup. The write-up includes what’s required, the setup details and the results. GEOS-16_Receiver_Project-12022018

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XHRPT Update

Getting close to releasing XHRPT decoder. Upgraded to now decode MetOp-A/B, FengYun-3A/B/C in addition to the previously supported NOAA-18/19/15 and Meteor-MN2. Here is a short video of a typical pass of MetOp-B AHRPT. The video has been speed up, so … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse 2017

I have posted a few images here.  

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Cyberspectrum #20 (WX Satellites) Slides

Yep, better late than never… Here are the slides from my WX Satellite presentation at Cyberspectrum #20 in the Fall of 2016. cyberspectrum_wx_sats_r4 Warning, it’s a big (45MB) PDF file because it includes quite a few images. Good Luck!  

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XRIT Decoder for GOES Satellite

NOAA’s GOES-13 (East), GOES-15 (West) and now GOES-16 produce some amazing images. Both GOES-13 and GOES-15 broadcast weather images to users with suitable ground stations using a protocol called LRIT (Low Rate Information Transmission). GOES-16, a more advanced satellite does … Continue reading

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Heat sink and shielding for HackRF One

The HackRF one PCB is manufactured with an option for a shield. This shield is available from NooElec. It’s a simple and quick addition, just some easy soldering. The hardest part is just removing the HackRF one from it’s plastic … Continue reading

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AirSpy working with Inmarsat Decoder

My new AirSpy SDR arrived last week. The goal this weekend was to make a small application to stream the IQ over Ethernet and then test it with one of the Inmarsat decoders that I have previously developed. The API … Continue reading

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RF Selection for AOR AR2300

In an serious effort to reduce patch panel management, another Mini-Circuits USB 4SPDT-A18 RF Switch has been added. Now, along with the original RF Switch, selections can be made from up to 10 different RF sources, including various dishes, yagis, … Continue reading

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Blue Force Tracking on Inmarsat

Blue Force Tracking is a GPS-enabled system that give US Military the location of “friendly” military forces. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. Inmarsat is one of the commercial satellite providers that has a contract with the the … Continue reading

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