Antenna Tracking Software Updated

I developed this little application a couple years ago to manage shuttle passes for automated s-band reception/recording. I have started using it more for DSN now and so have updated it with some new features.

The tracker gets it’s Ephemeris data via a “Pipe” from other applications, in this case usually another piece of software that interfaces between NASA Horizon database and this application.

The tracker supports Green Heron Engineering controllers via 2 serial ports or an LVB controller via a single serial port.

Besides the usual “Auto Park” and common pointing angles I have added a “Delta” feature to help with off-pointing (validating a signal is coming from spacecraft) as well as spacecraft that are not really where Horizon says they are (ISEE-3) or in special cases like ACE (not in Horizons), where it’s at L1 but offset some number of degrees.

Here is screenshot of the updated application.

pTracker with new features.

pTracker with new features.

Remote operation with this little application allows reception of ACE using the delta controls – without it, i would have needed manual control over the tracking hardware.

ACE reception.

ACE reception.

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