Aero Decoding and Full Support for HackRF One

After some work it is now possible to fully support HackRF One with my Inmarsat Aero decoder. In the past, the Inmarsat Aero decoder used two SDRs (each covering 2MHz) to cover up to 4MHz of L-Band spectrum as well as an expensive communication receiver. All this has been replaced by one HackRF One SDR/receiver. The diagram below shows the old setup and the new setup.


A sample screenshot showing the Aero Call Log (upper left), Single AMBE Voice decoder (upper right, 6 channels running, but only one shown), Overall Status of all 9 decoders (not including linked Aero-I channels) and finally the streamer application that is responsible for interfacing the HackRF One over USB and then streaming multiple channel of IQ over Ethernet to other decoders.


I am so happy with the HackRF One that I have ordered another for some more applications.

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