Aero Coverage of POR and CONUS

The diagram below illustrates the current Aero coverage that is possible here at USA-Satcom. As you can see there is quite a bit of IQ bandwidth to deal with and consequently at least two i7 hex core machines are needed to handle all the filtering and demodulation techniques. The industry really needs some multi-channel SDRs to avoid the needless transfer of so much spectrum. Multiple channels at the SDR would reduce CPU utilization, network traffic etc.

CONUS and POR Aero Coverage.

CONUS and POR Aero Coverage.

Protocols currently supported are:

  • Aero-P
  • Aero-I
  • Aero-H and H+

SDRs that are currently supported are:

  • SDR-IP
  • NetSDR
  • QSDR

The decoders just interface to the SDRs, so the communication receivers are not too important. However, we are currently using the following:

  • ICOM IC-R9500 (fantastic receiver, ext reference lock)
  • ICOM IC-R8500 (just OK receiver)
  • AOR AR2300 (good receiver, ext reference lock)

Multiple SDRs are hooked up to the various receivers using simply splitters from mini-circuits.

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