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Updated Scanner Hardware Layout

All scanners are under software control and there is no need to see them so I have relocated them to a rack in the server room. Also relocated is the associated audio processing equipment: line level amplifier, compressor and USB … Continue reading

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Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower was a dud for me. I setup a camera on an intervalometer to take a 30 second exposure every 30 seconds for 5 hours but only recorded two meteors. This was the night before the “peak” … Continue reading

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Large Dark Filament on the Sun

The image of the sun below was taken with a Hydrogen Alpha telescope. The image shows a large dark area in the lower left region. This is known as a “dark filament” and is more than 300,000 kilometers in length. … Continue reading

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Kokee AFS Air National Guard Radar Site

Visiting the island of Kauai and ran across this beauty. This is the 150th Aircraft Control and Warning Flight (aka GSU at Kokee Air Force Station, Kauai).

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