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WX Sonde #2 Tracked and Recovered

Once again, we’ve been lucky enough to track and retrieve another “Harmless Weather Device”! This weather Sonde was launched from Oakland CA and eventually landed just East of the Sacramento Airport (SMF) in an open agricultural field. Chase vehicle driver … Continue reading

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Rack-mount IC-9100

I picked up an ICOM IC-9100 a couple years ago at Dayton. I am now finally able to install it into the new station console using one of Novexcomm’s rack mount kits. The rack mount kit comes from Novexcomm as … Continue reading

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Improved LNA for Sonde Tracking

I have been using a non-optimal high noise figure wide band LNA for last few months for sonde tracking. I have now replaced it with a more optimal DEMI LNA with a noise figure < 0.7 dB, 25 dB gain … Continue reading

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WX Sonde Chase Redux

It’s been a couple weeks since my last effort in tracking and retrieving a weather sonde; luckily, this time the predicted landing sites don’t include any islands or water bodies. For this trip not only is there r00t providing realtime … Continue reading

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