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SATCOM Logs 29-June-2012

CONUS 258.650: 92 calling for radio check.

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SATCOM Logs 28-June-2012

CONUS 266.750: Romeo Sierra requesting Cheeksaw.

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HF Logs 27-June-2012

5732 USB 0847 UTC: CAMSPAC giving Rescue 1703 SAR coordinates. [audio:https //][/audio]

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HF Logs 26-June-2012

5732 USB 0230 UTC: Rescue 1702 calling CAMSPAC to take guard for SAR operation 200 miles of coast of Mendocino.

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HF Logs 22-June-2012

7527 USB 0836 UTC: Rescue 1714 requesting guard from CAMSPAC Pt. Reyes. Enroute to Lake Tahoe for SAR operation.

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S-Band Shuttle Audio

The shuttle fleet has been retired and new commercial space vehicles (SpaceX) are being deployed for shuttling people and cargo to and from the International Space Station. In more of a historical archive move I have collected all of the … Continue reading

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QS1R Clock Modification

I just added some images and details on QS1R Clock Modification. This modification allows the SDR hardware to accept a 125MHz PLL source clock that is referenced to an external 10MHz timing signal (e.g. GPS referenced).

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SATCOM Logs 20-June-2012

CONUS 260.475: Fortress calling for radio check on CONR 1 with additional information “Adviso 01”. CONUS 260.475: Panther calling any station for radio check on CONR 1.

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20MHz of Ku-Band DVB Sprectrum

Below is a 20MHz chunk of Ku-Band DVB spectrum. A mixture of DVB-S1, S2 and VSAT. The displayed frequency is the IF, so you would add 10600 MHz to get actual frequency.

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HF Logs 19-June-2012

11494 USB: ALE originated phone patch to Air Station San Francisco. Can only hear one side. [01:07:10][TO ][K20 ][TIS][P33 ][AL0] BER 30 SN 11

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