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ISEE-3 Frequency Drift Measured

Based on the latest Horizons update by JPL (based on Arecibo observations) I have measured the frequency drift of the spacecraft TX frequency (transponder A RHCP). It appears to be drifting upward at a rate of 3.3 Hz per hour. … Continue reading

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JPL Updates ISEE3 Horizon Data

Updated my Horizons data for ISEE-3 today and found this nice note: UPDATE (2014-Jun-23): Trajectory updated to JPL solution #32 (s32), based on 42 coarse Arecibo plane-of-sky angular measurements spanning May 22 – Jun 23 … Upon updating things and … Continue reading

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ISEE-3 Signal Getting Stronger

Each day the signal from the old but reliable ISEE-3 spacecraft gets stronger and stronger. I have updated the tracking software to log the signal strength over time. It’s also very easy to see the signal without averaging as shown … Continue reading

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Antenna Tracking Software Updated

I developed this little application a couple years ago to manage shuttle passes for automated s-band reception/recording. I have started using it more for DSN now and so have updated it with some new features. The tracker gets it’s Ephemeris … Continue reading

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Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Signal Detected

It’s been an S-Band weekend here. Earlier today the Indian Spacecraft MOM was picked up by DF2MZ as well as UHF-Satcom at a distance of 107 Million km! By the time the spacecraft rose over California Goldstone had locked it … Continue reading

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ISEE-3 (ICE) Spacecraft Detected

ISEE-3 (ICE) Spacecraft was detected today using a 1.2m dish at 2270.390831 MHz. The signal at this frequency was also simultaneously detected and confirmed by Paul over at UHF-Satcom. The detection was accomplished by integrating multiple FFTs with the spacecraft … Continue reading

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LRO on S-Band

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a nice S-Band (2271 MHz) signal coming from the moon to calibrate your dish. This is especially helpful if you need the accuracy for even higher frequencies where the beam-width is narrower. Below is … Continue reading

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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Here is a quick look at the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) signal. Even though NASA is shutdown as part the US government shutdown, there is still a good signal coming from the LRO. I was doing a quick 1.2m dish … Continue reading

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Dragon Telemetry Active on UHF

The Dragon capsule has been relatively quiet on S-Band after docking. Last mission, S-Band remained active while docked, this has not been the case this mission. However, Dragon has been transmitting on UHF (400.5 MHz) sending telemetry using it’s COTS … Continue reading

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TerreStar-1 on S-Band

While doing some calibration on the smaller dish I ran across a really nice collection of voice/data signals from the TerreStar-1 satellite. TerreStar-1 is in geosynchronous orbit in the 111W slot. It has an 18-meter antenna and so has some … Continue reading

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