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Lunar Eclipse 2014

Persistence and coffee helped to produce the two images below of the Lunar Eclipse last night. I was fighting high wispy clouds all night. The 1st magnitude star Spica was conveniently parked next to the moon and made for a … Continue reading

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April Planets with some nice Glass

Spent some time with the big gas planets and Mars. Mars is closest to Earth since 2007 and is still pretty hard to see. Jupiter turned out nice. Saturn was a bit out of focus, seeing was not too good. … Continue reading

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Multi-Channel Inmarsat-B Decoder

Below is an graphical overview of Marine-B, an Ethernet based Multi-Channel Inmarsat-B decoder. Below is a more detailed block diagram of multi-channel decoder with a few screenshots of operational logging and FFT waveforms. Marine-B is a fully automatic frequency agile … Continue reading

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Protected: Inmarsat B Decoder

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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New Hardware for some new Software

I have been working on some new decoding software that directly interfaces to RF Space SDR-IP or NetSDR. These SDR’s provide wide-band IQ data over Ethernet and are ideal for plug and play operation. All the new decoders are multi-channel … Continue reading

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Comet ISON

Comet ISON is getting closer. Here is an image I grabbed in the early morning hours before sunrise. This image was taken October 18th at the KESA Observatory in Colfax CA. I am in the process of imaging ISON again … Continue reading

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NOAA HRPT Weather Satellites

There are some nice wide HRPT signals coming from NOAA 15, 18 and 19 (others too, but these are the ones I looked at today). NOAA 15, 18 and 19 are LEO satellites and therefore require real time tracking. Since … Continue reading

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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Here is a quick look at the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) signal. Even though NASA is shutdown as part the US government shutdown, there is still a good signal coming from the LRO. I was doing a quick 1.2m dish … Continue reading

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Inmarsat STD-C

Inmarsat STD-C is a data or message-based system used mostly by maritime operators. An Inmarsat C terminal transmits and received on L-Band to various geosynchronous satellites that service each major ocean region (POR, IOR, AOR-E, AOR-W). The information rate is … Continue reading

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Inmarsat FAX

Inmarsat STD-B service is still active, even after all these years. On STD-B you will find voice, data and fax services Here are a couple of examples of recently received faxes via Inmarsat 3F3 Pacific Ocean Region (POR) at 178°. … Continue reading

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